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 AlbionEstates.com provides RSS (web feeds) to give easy access to our latest properties and advice directly from your desktop.

What is an RSS feed?

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication' a new way to receive property listings and other information delivered straight to your computer. 

Why using RSS feeds?
Subscribed to use RSS feeds means that the latest property details informations come directly to your computer and you don't need to keep checking websites for any updates.

Is this a free service?
Yes . Receiving the RSS feeds from us is free

How do I start using feeds?
First thing you need is something called an RSS reader. Some new browers have built in RSS Readers (such as Internet Explorer 8' Safari 5). Microsoft Vista operation system has a built in desktop RSS reader.
Browser based readers let you receive information with your RSS feed subscriptions, whereas downloadable applications allows you to store on your computer in the same way that you normally download your emails using Outlook application.

Once you have chosen your RSS reader, just start receiving the latest property listings by either click on the  RSS button or cut and paste the URL of your search criteria into your news reader