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Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

I am a property owner, do I need an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) ?
Is already now a legal requirement, since 1 October 2008 that all rental properties will require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) before new tenants can move in or before new sitting tenant agreements can be signed.

Who is responsible for an EPC?

As a landlord it will be your responsibility to make sure you have had an EPC commissioned and if you are letting your property through a Letting Agent they will also have to make sure than an EPC has been carried out before they let to new tenants or you could be fined £200 for non compliance.

How long is an EPC valid for?
A valid EPC will normally last for 10 years and can be used for multiple tenancies within that period of time.

How can I get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?
We can organise an EPC to be carried out on your behalf to avoid any delays with the letting process of your property. We can organise this service even if you are not letting your property through us. If organised by us we will be able to keep a digital copy in our file in case it is misplaced in the future. Please contact us if you need this service.